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I got five more pieces photographed yesterday, three of which (I believe) I haven't posted here (I guess I could have checked before I posted this).

Ancient Technology Of The Twilight Years

This is "Ancient Technology Of The Twilight Years", an album cover for Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth.

A buddy of mine owns a used record store here in Columbus, and I'm doing two panels for a sandwich board for his store.  His girlfriend came up with the idea of doing Poe-themed images, so this is my buddy "starring" in "The Raven".  The other side will be the girlfriend featured in "Annabel Lee".

This is "Michael, Patron Saint Of Painters", a portrait of a friend of mine as Michael the Archangel.

Prints of most of my work are available here!
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My photographer will be busy for the next two weeks, so I can't post all three new pieces, but I'll post an OK photo of one of them...

Our Lady Of Guadeloupe (Virgin In Winter)

Wow - sorry, that might be a tad big for the page.

This one is called Our Lady Of Guadeloupe (Virgin In Winter).  I came up with an idea for this one almost seven years ago and screwed it up right off the bat.  I yelled at it, tossed it into a closet, pulled it back out some time later, started redoing just about everything, hated it, put it away, etc., etc.  I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it and managed to actually finish it.  Thankfully this is the last of the old unfinished paintings - it's a pain to try to complete something like this when you paint completely differently, and use different methods and materials.
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I now have five prints available HERE...
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Actually did this one quite a while back for a rockabilly band called Lords of the Highway.

* * *

I think this turned out pretty well.  I wasn't quite as jazzed about how the back cover illo came out...


...I just don't feel the color is as rich as the cover's.  It will be relatively small on the back, though.

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So the Pombagira album project is now complete.  Here's what the cover looks like laid out...

I hand drew the lettering.  I prefer hand drawing the lettering, not because I'm technophobic, but it lends itself to being more original and of higher quality than a freeware font.  I also did a painting for the back cover, but they decided to go in a different direction.  Here's that painting...

I just finished the front of a T-shirt for them as well...

I still have to draw an image for the back, and if time allows I'll be doing a couple other designs for them.  I also did a T-shirt for Thorr-Axe (the guys I did the epic Viking vs. Saxon painting for)...

Thorr-Axe is planning on recording for an EP within the next six months, and I'm slated to do the cover for that one as well.  They're continuing with the Norse theme, this time focusing on giants in Norse myth.

I still have to complete "Martian Genesis" for the Groan/Vinum Sabbatum split, but I plan on knocking that out next week.  Here it is, nearly complete...

There's a smaller painting that'll cover three internal illos, but I'm not far enough along with that one to bother posting it.
I have a couple of logos to design, another T-shirt design, an older painting to finish and another painting I haven't even sketched out yet for an art show in Dayton.  I may have to cut back on my sleep a little more.

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This is a new version of "Martian Genesis", a painting I've started and hated and threw in a closet for six or seven years now.  I had a couple of photos of the old versions posted here a few years ago before my server got wiped (arrrgh!).  It was, essentially, a massive doodle.  The problem with painting free of sketches and other annoying forms of structure and planning is it doesn't always work out the way you wanted it.  Well, this time I sketched the damned thing out.  I'd planned on starting it as soon as I was finished with the album covers, but it ended up being one of said album covers.  

I'm hoping I'll have this thing finished within the next seven days... we shall see how well that works out.
* * *

This six foot long beast of detail from Hell is completed.  Now, onto the other five paintings...
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I'm dangerously close to wrapping up the Thorr-Axe album cover, a six-foot long monster epic of Saxon might and Viking defeat.  I was hoping to finish it this weekend, but I think I'll need an extra day or two.  Still, that's close enough to make me happy.

After that, I have to assemble a promo pack version of Pombagira's album. I've also talked someone into posing for the back cover image, a version of the goddess Pomba Gira standing in an upright coffin.  I have to shoehorn those two activities in next week.

I'm also doing a cover for a split EP for Vinum Sabbatum and Groan.  Oddly enough it'll be a reworking of the "Martian Genesis" painting I've been working on (and off again) for about five years - you might remember seeing a couple different versions posted here.  I finally sketched a version I liked a few months ago, and it so happens it's a pretty good fit for this EP.  Both bands like it, so I hope to get started on that beast next week - at least transferring the sketch to a 2' X 2' piece of Masonite.

Mount Carmel, a local hard blues rock band, contacted me to say they're still mulling over what they'd like to do for a cover.  I'm excited to work with these guys, as they're one of the best bands I've heard in quite a while, but I'm also happy I have a little time before I have to get started on their cover.

Last (for now) is an image I'm doing for Beast In The Field - a hapless witness to the conjuration of the Baphomet that will be formatted like a 70's horror flick.  I've started working on this one, but it may have to wait until I wrap up the other thirty-thousand projects...
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